I started practicing yoga 21 years ago, while in the last phase of my life as a professional dancer. Needing both a physical remedy and an emotional support. I’ve come to attribute my well-being to this practice. I started with Ashtanga, with Hamish Hendry and then furthered my learning within this form with Lara Baumann and her Quantum Yoga system and with Nigel Gilderson.

This influence established a security in the physical practice, the undoing of dancers’ habits and realigning of the whole body for optimum vitality. My studies in the Iyengar form came with Claire Porter, with whom I studied for several years. Claire was influenced by the work of Scaravelli, who focused on the spine. This, within the wider context of Iyengar’s system, encouragedthe focus and desire for precision in physical alignment. I now work with connecting this precision with the potential of the correspondent emotional release.

For my Teacher Training, I was accepted onto the Raja Flow course with teacher Antonello di Curzio. Between 2014-2015, I completed the 200-hour training, as specified under Yoga Alliance Guidelines.

Lucie Pankhurst Choreographer and Movement Director
Lucie Pankhurst Choreographer and Movement Director

Our yoga practice can change to support and reflect the changes in our lives. Whether instigating, refreshing or returning to a practice, one-to-one tuition is an immediate and uniquely person- al way of learning at your pace. Having taught all sizes of groups, at all levels of experience, I love this complete focus on one person and the opportunity to craft a practice with that person more holistically.

An initial consultation will establish what’s drawn you to yoga and how best to develop this part of your journey within it. Our sessions can emphasise the following aspects:


Consolidating and implicating the results of on-going studies. Refreshing or instigating a more secure self-practice.

Body and Heart;

The body houses the emotions, memories and subsequent emotional states. These sessions will seek to remedy and rebalance you in response to a particular emotional state.


A chance to clear or steady the mind through pranayama, meditation (walking or seated) and a gentle physical practice.

Mind and Spirit;

Our spiritual development is uniquely personal and a life-long pursuit. Shared study and discussion are a vital part of this journey.

One To One Yoga Tuition


6o Minutes | £50.00

90 Minutes | £65.00

120 Minutes | £80.00

One To One Yoga Tuition


6o Minutes | £40.00

40 Minutes | £35.00